I tried everything I read up about online. I’ve had sleep issues most of my life. I don’t know how many hours of research I’ve put into this

I find the following combinations works well for falling asleep:

  • Reading reddit at night using google app “twilight” works really well for falling asleep
  • Nasal bandage breathing aids. I always have congested nose problems
  • 1.5 hours before sleeping, no working out or eating
  • Doing intensive learning or busywork 1-2 hours before sleeping helps
  • Temp around 75*F is ideal
  • Signs of drooling are generally a good sign of sleep
  • 11-11-16. Nose vents are much more effective than nasalbandage breathing aids here

I find the following makes it difficult to fall asleep

  • ********* it out before sleeping doesn’t help me
  • Watching TV shows on my phone
  • Reading fiction books in general only makes me more interested
  • Melantonin doesn’t really work for me
  • Reading a boring book like the history of LEAN (paperback) works, but isn’t an effective use of time
  • Showering before sleeping doesn’t help, having natural oils on skin promotes sleeping for me
  • Getting the **** kicked out of me during sparring practice makes it difficult to sleep sometimes

I find mixed results and or not enough information on the following:

  • Lucid dreaming and or dream states usually are in ?deep sleep states?
  • Waking up on 2 alarm timer resets, 10 min intervals, in the event sleep was bad and need a 20 min nap
  • Lasko low blowing fan helps sleep by disappating heat more, however it dries out my throat though potentially making me sick
  • Left side or right side sleeping. Supposedly left side is supposed to be better for you, but in all honesty I find muscle recovery faster in neutral position.

Other things I found out

  • 11-11-16. I have trouble breathing because my dad grew up chain smoking, and I habitually stop breathing every now and then and this seems to affect me in sleep (nose vents alleviated problem)
  • I may have nasal poylps because I cannot breathe on one side of my nose my entire life.
  • I think I may have medical issues b/c sometimes I feel abnormally tired. I am not sure


  • None

Vincent Tang