I have my setup down pretty well when it comes to making notes. The method is basically

  1. Greenshot editor to make image diagrams
  2. ShareX to make gif image notes for things like adobe premierePro notes
  3. Imgur to host images
  4. App.Classeur.IO to add contextual notes to those images/gifs and organize
  5. Imagus to preview images

The problem I had through app.classeur.io wasn’t yielding the results I wanted. I wrote a post on it


Essentially what was happening was I couldn’t seamless integrate viewing my notes after I wrote them without constantly opening new tabs. Because the diagrams were too small and hard to read and I had to zoom up to see it

I tried editing imagus settings but the only shortcut I found useful was the “O” key.

My “sieve” settings as well are here

This didn’t help out because sometimes I’d press the “O” key and wasn’t enabling the shortcut correctly

I ended up for now, just adjusting the binderwidth here:

so that it would be easier for me to see notes in “preview mode”

Its not a perfect solution though.

another solution I found out I could just open a new tab instead. Didn’t think about that

The solution just ended up being “open image in new tab”. Can’t believe I didn’t recognize that basic command


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Vincent Tang